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Marlene's This and That

100 Years of Grandeur I had already fallen in love with Montana; Glacier National Park now captured my more!

She's Having a Baby I am reminded of my husband’s concept that something happens to a girl after giving more!

Happy Valentine's Day At the moment I opened that box, I felt like a princess in a more!

You Get What You Expect If one imagines with enough energy behind it, expectations eventually more!

Home Canning
For me, home canning means work as it involves a lot of washing and sterilizing of supplies as well as preparing large quantities of more!

Different, Yet Similar
It was a different perspective and a refreshing change from the woman I have considered to be “just a feminist” more!

The Benefits of Play
Play is good for us and may even increase our longevity. It is an essential factor in our well more!

Just a Housewife
My generation had decided it was wiser to get a job, become self-sufficient, and delay more!

It was really quite fascinating watching her smear rice powder paste around her face, more!

These Boots are Made for Walking I hobbled out on the boardwalks to every thermal feature imaginable and can smell the “rotten eggs” of Yellowstone as I more!

Be of Good Cheer Admittedly, I am not the cheerful-type and have been told from little up that I am too more!

Happy Mother's Day As my dad would say, she only thought of her mother as chief cook and bottle more!

The Wonder of it All
It was May 5, 2000; another one of those doomsday dates when the planets were due to align and produce cataclysmic destruction that would end the more!

It's a Miracle Looking out the window this morning around 7:15, I was still more!

The Game of Life Through LIFE we traveled, collecting paychecks, making loans, having kids, and getting more!

Division More Fun Than Hiking
I was reminded of a comment my daughter M made about her preference to do a page of long division than to take a more!

Time is on my side...Sometimes, we get stuck in a rut of negative thinking about more!

Cabin Fever The glow of the holidays is over, the valley is socked in with inversions, and we are beginning to drool for more!

RMKK Year in Review
I didn’t get up the nerve to write another article for almost 2 more!

Believing is Seeing
I’ve heard it said that to be a dreamer is more!

Forty and Pregnant People called us brave, some thought we were nuts, while others wished they could do the more!

The Otters Return to Glacier She said the bears eyes popped wide as if it was just as surprised as she more!

Black Friday After being bombarded with an After Thanksgiving Day sales blitz, I began visualizing my neighbors bundling up in 20 degree weather to hit the malls at 4 more!

A Story Teller As a listener, I was captivated by his ability to put me in their more!

Cataracts Suddenly, they heard a shot and then the cries of their more!

Economy I believe he is but a thoughtful observer contemplating the simplicity of more!

Marlboro Country
Cigarette commercials on television are a thing of the more!

Coffee Perks
Wearing those creepy gym suits and having to shower at school were two things I didn’t like... read more!

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington With the nomination of the charismatic governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin for VP, there’s been a lot of talk about her qualifications or lack more!

Thrifty Having raised nine children through the Depression, it’s understandable she would be more!

Little Gem in the Woods
I learned a long time ago not to give up and to look with eyes wide more!

One thing would lead to another and I found it one of the most compelling ways to learn more!

Missing Hiker, Yi-Jien Hwa, in Glacier National Park Every year we hear stories of lost and injured hikers; mostly tourists who are unprepared for the rugged terrain, or who leave the trail, travel cross country without the proper gear and need to be more!

Ten Sixty-Six Later, the events of that terrible battle were briefly explained and noted that Harold had been shot with an arrow in the more!



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