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- Space Parents

An original story written by "M" when she was (8) years old.

Janice was fourteen. Jared was fifteen.  Kyle was only twelve.  Their mom and dad were cool.  Their dad was a wonderful guy.  Their mother was perfect.  They lived in a big house.  Janice had dark brown hair like her mother's.  She looked like her mom.  Jared had brown hair.  Kyle looked similar to their future sister, "E".

Kyle went into the kitchen where Mom was cooking beans, saying that beans make you fart and that you feel good when you fart.  She was also making spinach, talking about Popeye.  Kyle was mad that Mom was making spinach.  He hated it.

 "Kyle, call Dad from his room.  I want to talk to him," Mom said, not even seeing Kyle. Kyle got Dad and left to play with his teenage siblings. 

"Let's play checkers, Jared," he said.

"No, let's play video games, Janice," replied Jared.

"Super," Janice said.

She kicked Kyle out, and turned on her TV. T for teens, the TV blared.  "Oh yeah, cool," Jared said.  Jared and Janice played video games for an hour. 

Kyle barged in and said, "Mom and Dad said something about the tunnel is a secret passage to all humans."  "Do you think they are aliens?" Kyle asked.

Jared and Janice did not answer.  They were watching E-ring and Cold Case.  Kyle thought they heard him.  Kyle, Jared, and Janice went to the table to eat.  Mom and Dad kept on looking at each other warily, but Jared and Janice seemed not to notice.  It was Monday, and the beans were red and Camelia.

"Mmmmm," said Kyle as he slurped hot - Tabasco red beans.  Red beans are the best with Tabasco!  Kyle was faking.  He was so scared of Mom and Dad.  They were acting so creepy.  Could they be aliens?  Sometimes they were weird, but aliens?  No way!  But there was always a chance.  And there were obvious clues that they were aliens.

Dad reached out a clawed hand to eat a worm.  AAhh - a daydream.  Kyle was glad it was a daydream, so he went to his room and prayed, "Please tell me if Mom and Dad are aliens." He went to bed.

He had nightmares of ghosts and bears coming to eat him.  He woke up!  Two a.m. is what his clock said.  Kyle slid out of bed and got on a T-shirt and shorts, then put on tennis shoes.  He tiptoed to Mom and Dad's room.  They were gone!  Could they be in the tunnel?  He would chance it.  Kyle was going to the tunnel.  He went into the laundry room, and tapped a spot on the washing machine.  It opened!  Kyle stepped through.  He found himself standing at the base of a long waterslide.  It was dark.  Kyle jumped on the waterslide.  It was warm, and there was water spraying from the ceiling. 

Down, down, down.  Kyle was shooting down.  Soon, he felt himself going into a raging creek.  He ducked underwater, and came up, coughing.  Water filled Kyle's nose as he rushed along on his back, headfirst.  The swift current pulled him along.  A person was floating toward him!  Kyle dove underwater.  The swift water pulled him toward rocks, which he ducked past.  Then he came to a foaming area.  Kyle held his breath, and swirled around, underwater. 

He came up and treaded water, until he found himself in a lake with only 30' deep water.  The shore was not far away.  Kyle swam to shore.  People-people of his own kind, were on the beach.  There was a big sign-and the sign said: Welcome to Earth!  So-before this he had been living on another planet.  A woman came running through the crowd.  Kyle pulled himself onto the beach. 

The woman said, "Kyle!  You came home!"  The woman hugged him.

"You...who are you?" Kyle asked.

"I am your real mother.  An alien woman, your fake mom, came and took you and your siblings to Upiriupslam (a planet), because she had no children.  I have been waiting for you to come.  Go back and get Jared and Janice.  They remember me," the woman said.  "There is another way to get back.  Swim to the bottom of the lake, and grab the toy car.  Wish, get Jared and Janice." 

Kyle did so, and Jared and Janice came swimming over. 

"Mom!" Jared yelled, and began swimming faster.

Their mom had long, thick brown hair, green eyes, a light blue T-shirt, and jeans.  It was day on Earth.  A pretty, sunny day. 


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