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Original Fiction
Spooky, funny, and downright silly. You'll love M&E's original fiction.

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A Sprite Situation  Laura tried to scream, but an arm grabbed her more!

The Hermit The next morning, Cassie looked at the newspaper, and nearly more!

The Spring Now, the park she was talking about is not your ordinary park. Wellering Falls State Park had everything from towering mountains to more!

A Nightmare There was a sudden silence on the other end of the line. It was a ghostly soundlessness, without more!

The Haunted Couple “Watch out!!!!” Valerie suddenly yelled. “You’re about to hit a car!” more!

Horror House  video She could hear heavy breathing, as if it was some kind of more!

Outer-Space Parents
Dad reached out a clawed hand to eat a worm... read more!

Weird Ben M & E roared with laughter when they heard "Fool" coming from Ben's room... read more!

Weird Lucas E packed her sound recorder, and her invisible video camera that sticks on ceilings and goes on all TV's.  M packed her own invention, an embarrassing Dream Only recorder that transports embarrassing dreams to your TV and into a video... read more!

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