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                                                                           Iceberg Lake, Glacier National Park

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We were hiking along on the Iceberg Lake Trail in Glacier National Park.  We decided that we should turn back, because it was getting late.  A short while after we had turned around, we saw something that made our adrenaline rush.  A shiny bear scampered across the trail about 20 yds. or so ahead of us.  It waggled its rump as it ambled down the hillside.

Our dad turned around quickly and said, "Did you see that?" 

"Yes!" said our mom, with astonishment in her voice. 

Our parents pulled out their bear spray. We walked very fast, clapping stones, and jingling our bear bells as we went back to the trailhead.

Be Bear Aware!  Here are a few tips for hiking in bear country.
  • Never go close to bears.
  • Make noise while hiking to let the bears know you are there.
  • Hike and explore in open areas. Avoid getting between a sow and her cub.


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