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The Great Goldfish Adventure

One day in early October, we set out to do our weekly shopping.  I, M, quickly slipped some money and a small video camera into a purse. The idea caught on and E took two dollars as well. We came up with the idea to buy a fish. After a moment of contemplation, we decided to get two goldfish. On the way to the store, our mom did some autumn photography.  At the store, Mom left us to look at the fish while she did the shopping. The goldfish would cost 12 cents each. E chose a large orange one. I picked out an orange goldfish with white markings. Soon our mom came back and we set off to look at fish bowls. We saw that all of the fish bowls for sale were out of our price range and decided to use the vase that we had at home. Anyway, it was the same as one they had for sale.

Then, a sales lady came along and we told her which fish we wanted. She could not seem to to get the fish that "E" wanted out of the tank.  So, "E" got it. We are not sure if the fish that she got was the same one that she had originally wanted. Mine was more trouble to catch. Finally, Mom got a bunch of fish. I picked out the one most like the original fish I wanted.  (We think that maybe I got the one that I wanted first.) We also bought some goldfish food, TetraFin. We carried our fish in plastic bags on the ride home.

We had to go to the grocery store, so we left our fish in their bags in the sink while we went to do our shopping. While we were at the grocery, we decided to name "Es " fish Brook after a Pepperidge Farm goldfish cracker. It was the case sale at Smiths grocery and we bought giant packages of flour and sugar for our winter supply. As E and I lugged a heavy package of sugar through our backyard to the house, I came up with the name Tetra for my fish. (If you dont remember, we bought TetraFin fish food.) When we came in the house, the goldfish were surprised, but alive.

We removed the artificial fall flowers and real fall leaves that were in the vase. We left river rocks in the vase, though. While I was cooking a dinner of hot dogs, the rest of the family put the goldfish into the vase with their water.  The goldfish looked happier in the fishbowl than in the plastic bags. We placed the vase on a coffee table in the living room. We gave the fish a flake of fish food. After it sank, the fish ate it. Even as I write this, I can see the little goldfish swimming around in their fishbowl.

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