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Lost on Fathers Day?

On Father's Day morning, we awoke unsure of what we would do for the holiday. Instead of bad weather like we had for Memorial Day 2 years ago when we went to Yellowstone, the weather was beautiful and hot, with temperatures around 75 degrees. As the day went on, the word spread that we would be going on a BBQ picnic in Glacier National Park. Mom was making ribs, a delicious treat perfect for a barbecue.

While on a walk around town, I ,M, informed E about the plans for the day. E did not seem to like the idea of going to Glacier. She thought that going on the 40-minute ride to the park was too tiresome and boring. At about 1:00, we departed on our adventure. At Wal-Mart, we shopped for several supplies, such as a barbecue grill, charcoal, and a folding chair. After purchasing a few items, we continued on our way.

Arriving at Glacier National Park, we drove to the Fish Creek picnic ground. Fish Creek is a pretty creek near Lake McDonald. In the parking lot, we discovered that Glacier Park was much colder than at home, although moderately warm. We were not cold enough to change our tank tops and shorts (E was wearing blue jeans; I was the only one wearing shorts). Our picnic spot was at a great location near Lake McDonald.

E and I went to explore the area around our picnic area. We pretended as though there were no people nearby, or parking lot above. When we returned from our brief trek, E left with Mom to lead her along where we had been exploring. Upon coming back, Mom suggested that Dad and I go on a walk of our own along the same path. Dad had other ideas, and decided that he and I should go on a very different adventure.

M&E wading in Lake McDonaldTherefore, Dad and I left on our adventure, and left Mom and E to monitor the ribs as they roasted on the barbecue pit. As we walked, I enjoyed hiking without a backpack, which I consider a burden. Dad told me that he always gets lost while exploring the area around which we were going. Upon passing Fish Creek, Dad informed me that it is outlawed to take fish in Fish Creek. The first part of our exciting walk was on a flat blacktop trail through the forest. The ambience was pretty and refreshing. After we passed the wooded area, we went by the restroom, then walked briefly in the lower campground. Dad departed from the campground and went to the backcountry to explore around Lake McDonald. As I walked near the lake, I realized that I had no idea where I was since I left the campground. Glad that I was with Dad, I continued. Dad stood around the lake, recording the jagged, white peaked mountains at the end of Lake McDonald with our camcorder. I felt the water and had the idea to later wade in the cold glacial lake with E. I wanted to ask Dad how long we had been gone, since I felt like it had been a long time and that Mom and E might be worried. I did not ask Dad how long it had been.

Continuing on the walk, Dad noticed a strange rock cairn. I did not think it looked especially strange, and Dad said it could be the foundation of an old cabin. Dad told me that we were right across from Mom and E, and tried to take video of them through the trees. Dad then told me to find the way back. I did and went up, since I remembered the direction in which we had gone to the lake.  Meanwhile, Mom and E sat around the picnic area keeping an eye on the barbecue and playing games.

Then, the scent of smoke and barbecue came to my nose and I followed that. When I saw what looked like a trail, I went away from my sense of smell and followed that a tiny ways. Dad finally pointed out the proper direction and I  realized that the campground was in plain sight and I had not noticed it. Dad and I went back to the correct place, where we saw the bear. It was right there in the campground, next to a RV. Unlike the bear in Camping, Boating, and Bears Part 2, this bear did not charge. Also unlike those bears and all other bears, this bear was a teddy bear!

We headed to the left and went to the amphitheater. Things began to fall into place when the signs I had made a point of remembering came into view. Dad noticed an alien on restroom 1066. I saw it and noted it was not an alien, but a sticker. After a long walk, at last, we made it back to the picnic spot. I noticed E coming along, and greeted her. E told me of how worried she had been. Dad and I  excitedly told Mom and E how we had seen a bear, and showed Mom and E the videos.

While Mom was getting some things out of our vehicle, I decided to show her the bear. Forgetting that I had never gone up the steps to the upper campground, I  went up those steps thinking that that was where the bear was. Mom said that if it was far away, she would have to go back but we, could go find it by ourselves. Promising to stay on the road, we went off. Upon coming to the spot where I  thought the bear should be, I realized that I was in the wrong spot. We turned around, deciding that we would get lost trying to find the bear. Anyway, both of us, had to go to the restroom. While washing my hands, I was loudly singing. Someone came into the restroom. Luckily the person was Mom, coming to say that Dad had told her that we were totally in the wrong place. Mom said that it was lucky that I was singing right then, or she might have thought we were lost. I then remembered that Dad and I had never gone up the stairs to the upper campground. When we went back to the picnic spot we were given radios to contact Mom and Dad with.  Also, Dad gave directions on how to get to the bear. Our walk was much shorter than the one I had taken with Dad. Upon getting to the bear, we went close-up and found out that the RV belonged to the campground host. On the bear was a kind of poem, an acrostic, about bears eating food.

  • Bears
  • Eat
  • Anything
  • Remotely
  • Scented

We continued on our way, but noticed that we came back to the bear! I realized that we had gone in a circle, then realized that we should have gone to the amphitheater.

When we got to the amphitheater, I realized that E should take video as though she were at a concert and I was the singer. E could shake the video camera as though it were a cell phone. E took a video of me, which we later watched and found quite funny.

We went on one trail, which I recognized as being the wrong one, and thenRoasting Marshmallows tried another trail, which turned out to be the right path. When we got back to the picnic spot, we decided to wade in Lake McDonald. I went in the water up to my shorts, and E waded in up to her rolled up pants. The water was quite cold, but was more comfortable once we were in for a while.

Dinner was almost ready so we got out of the water and enjoyed the food. It was quite delicious and everything tasted better since it was cooked on a grill. After the main dish, we enjoyed a dessert of our first ever Símores. After all of our food was devoured, we put out the fire with water from Lake McDonald. By the time we got home, it was pretty late and we enjoyed watching "The Twilight Zone" on our computer before we went to bed.




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