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The BIG Fair!

(M & E spend the day at the Northwest Montana Fair)


“Good Morning, M&E,” said Dad, “It’s the day of the Big Fair!”

This is what we heard one Saturday morning as we woke up. This year we had won free passes for unlimited rides at the Northwest Montana Fair! Joyously we donned our fair apparel. Soon, with butterflies in our fair-craving stomachs, we arrived at the fair. As we walked around the field used as a parking lot, we were amazed by the loose dust, sometimes an inch deep. It was dry as a bone. At the height of the fire season, the sky was simply gray with smoke.

Our first destination was the animal barn containing various sorts of animals. As we stepped into the barn, our noses had a whiff of that familiar scent of animals at a fair. It was not like a zoo, nor anything like it. The smell was incredible, a scent of recollection of past fairs. First, we looked at and petted the pigs. Some were big and fat. These almost always had blue ribbons on their cages. As we strolled around, we made our way to the sheep area where sheep were eating, drinking, and being petted. You may not be able to imagine how that place sounded. It sounded EXACTLY how it should. Have you ever heard a sound recording of a farm animal?  That's what the barns at the fair sounded like.  After fun with the sheep and goats, we went over to the cows.

We petted them shyly and enjoyed the fun of petting animals. Soon one large black cow broke loose of its rope which held it captive. A stampede could occur. Bulls can sometimes be as heavy as a small car! Death and tragedy could occur. Swiftly, a young lady of around twenty years or so tied the cow back up before any damage was done. We later walked around to the yaks and petted them. Their fur was very soft and pleasant feeling. After leaving the barn, we went to the army area of the fair. Our dad found that the army Hummer was very uncomfortable. In the llama and alpaca barn, we petted the soft wool of the alpaca and the long, soft hair of the llama. Some were pretty and some were ugly. There was one llama with pretty blue eyes. Northwest Montana FairThey were large and round with crystal clear aqua blue irises. The next barn contained miniature horses. We petted them and enjoyed looking at them. After the miniature horses, we traveled to the horse barn, where large horses resided. Upon entering, we were astonished to see huge horses. They seemed much larger than portrayed on television shows and as seen in fields. We finally started petting them after a little intimidation. When they stuck their heads out over their pen was the best time to pet these large and stately animals. Next, we looked at fowl and rabbits. Some of the more interesting birds in this barn were the doves and pigeons. All of the other animals were chickens. The sound of roosters vibrated in our ears as we strolled around the barn and gaped at giant rabbits. We soon left and continued to quickly check out some flowers in the flower barn, facetiously known as the best part of the fair.

After that, we watched a little boy use a bow and arrow . He was somewhat satisfactory. His first try was alright, but all of his other attempts got messed up when the arrow came out of place.

Soon all of us got our hands marked with an attractive V.I.P stamp at a booth. Our mom and dad were experiencing their first time going on rides at the Northwest Montana fair, so they went on their most anticipated ride first, The Coney Island Cyclone, a miniature roller coaster. After waiting in a long line, we boarded the ride. We hadn’t been on this ride for two years, and screamed as we went down the thrilling dips. It was terrifying. We were encouraged to put our hands up, but it was too horrifying. After a little while, we became accustomed to the ride and began to enjoy it. Our next stop was the bumper cars. SMASH! CRASH! The room of sorts was filled with sounds of bumping. At first, the cars were a little strange, but soon we became accustomed to them. After the ride was over, we left our cars and continued on. The super slide was our next stop. I, “M”, have become scared of all slides since the Woodland Waterpark adventure.  I hesitated, then on command, I bravely and reluctantly slid down. The slide was very fun!  Next, we decided to go on the Berry Go Round. Our mom didn’t like the spinning, so we did not make it spin too much. Then we rode on the bugs. It was a ride that was supposed to go up and down, but was broken. Soon, we acquired some cowboy hats and balloons. My balloon was soon lost and departed to the heavens with so many other balloons. Our next ride was the Tilt a Whirl. Northwest Montana FairIn line, we were very scared as we watched the ride go around and around, looking sickening. Upon getting in the ride, we were surprised! It was fun! The Tilt a Whirl had extreme spins and so much excitement. It was PHENOMENAL! We headed away toward the concession stands where we ate food. Finally, the time had come. We were going on the Ferris Wheel. This would be the first time in our entire lives of nine and ten years to go on one of these. I, “M” felt sick, nervous, and weak. Finally, we got on the ride. We split up and a parent and daughter went in each seat. At first, the ride was slow with frequent stops. At the top, the awful realization came. We would be going down! I struggled to fall asleep or meditate and try not to feel the sensation. Fear was the only thought. How awful could the ride be? All of a sudden, I realized that it was fun! I opened my eyes and started to have fun. The Ferris Wheel went around and around. Then it stopped. On to the fun houses we went. In a house of mirrors, a giant crash could be heard. There was a pain in my nose. What had happened? The terrible twists and turns through a house of mirrors had directed me to a pane of glass. The rest was obvious. No blood was shed and no glass was broken. We made our way to the flying horses. We rode on them, sometimes closing our eyes and trying to feel like a cowboy. After that, we watched a children’s entertainment that I "M" thought was very shallow and immature. We went into an advertising barn and acquired two Frisbees and two yardsticks. Soon, our mom suggested that we go on the Ferris Wheel alone. We agreed to this and hopped away to the Ferris Wheel. As we walked there, dust blew viciously at our faces in a sudden breeze. We stood in line behind some teenagers who chatted away, hardly moving with the line. The feeling of supreme sickness was worse this time. Nervousness sickness, an inherited trait, had come over me in a very strong form. On the ride, we enjoyed it. After it had gotten late, we boarded the Coney Island Cyclone again. This time we raised our hands high in the air. Then, we waited in a very long line to go on the Tilt –a-Whirl again. It was even more fun than last time. At last, we took the long walk to the parking lot where we found our vehicle covered with dust. We rode home and collapsed in beds and chairs. It was a very exhausting but fun day.

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